Hydra-G Starter 8-14-4

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Powered by HydraSmart technologies, 8-14-4 Starter is packed with 20% calcium, 35% slow release nitrogen, industry proven Hydra-Kelp, humic, fulvic, and carboxylic acid. Hydra-G Starter is the only technology on the market containing a multi-microbial nutrient source, a limestone grind of 45 microns, and 8% binder to build the soluble calcium back to a uniform prill. 

Hydra-G Starter allows users to reduce applications by a minimum of 35% compared to traditional starter fertilizers. The addition of HydraSmart technologies and available calcium significantly increase nutrient uptake of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Hydra-G Starter specifically and dramatically reduces manpower and transport costs. Raises soil pH in weeks rather than months.