Hydra-G 6-0-6 with Minors

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Driven by HydraSmart technologies, Hydra-G 6-0-6 with Minors is packed with 6% calcium, 5% iron, 6% magnesium 13% sulfur, humic, fulvic, and carboxylic acid. Hydra-G 6-0-6 is the only technology on the market containing a multi-microbial nutrient source, a limestone grind of 45 microns, and 8% binder to build the soluble calcium back to a uniform prill. 

Both the 5% iron and 6% magnesium are derived from the trusted sources of Hydra-Fe combo and Hydra-Mn combo, two product solutions that have become regular staples on the foliar spray market. 

Hydra-G 6-0-6 with minors will provide unsurpassed, long-lasting color, while continuously feeding the soil biology at the same time.