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Hydra-Minors is the only comprehensive, multi-chelated micronutrient package containing plant available silica, SAR elicitors and bio-stimulants. Hydra-Minors uses biostimulant technologies derived from desert plant extracts, which are designed to increase plant health and growth, even during times of stress. SAR (systemic acquired resistance) elicitors increase plant vigor and trigger plant defense reponses. This highly synergistic combination reduces plant stress and enhances turf quality and color. Hydra-Minors contains 1% plant-available silica. This patented process to stabilize plant available silica hardens plant cells, resulting in tenaciously tough turf.

Analysis: 1.0% Mg, 1.0% Mn, 3.0% Fe, 4.0% S, 0.5% Zn, 0.02% Mo, 0.10% Cu, 0.02% B, 1.0% SiO2