Putting Green Response to Foliar Fertilization

McDonald, S., Turfgrass Disease Solutions, PA

Spring and Summer, 2017



Evaluate the performance of various liquid fertilizer formulations to provide adequate turfgrass color, quality and vigor under tournament preparation conditions and environmental stress.



HydraSmart’s complete and balanced foliar and soil fertilizers improved turfgrass performance and vigor under stress compared to competitive nutrient (nitrogen) and untreated control treatments.


Planting Type, Irrigation & Soil Conditions

  • Green Type: California Sand Based
  • Grass Type: PennCross Creeping Bentgrass
  • Mowing: Daily at 0.125 inches



  • CEC: 2.07
  • Organic matter: 0.70
  • pH: 8.0


Stress Conditions

  • No Fertility since fall 2016
  • Summer of 2017 in southeastern PA was marked with heavy stress conditions.


Equipment used

Single nozzle equipped with a 8010 flat fan nozzle calibrated to deliver 88 gallons per acre.


  • 14 Day Interval: Hydra-Fuse 18-0-6 (5 oz. / M); Hydra-Phite Plus 0-0-28 (3 oz. / M); Hydra-Fe 12-0-0 (3 oz. / M); Hydra-Fense (3 oz. / M)
  • 7 Day Interval: Hydra-Fuse 18-0-6 (4 oz. / M); Hydra-Minors (5.5 oz. / M); Hydra-Kace 0-0-29 (2.5 oz. / M); Hydra-Fense (2 oz. / M); Hyra-Mn Combo (5 oz. / M)


Intensive mowing and management keeps your course pristine, but can also stress the turfgrass. HydraSmart High Efficiency Foliars helps your turfgrass thrive: improving quality, color and rooting. Once high-stress seasons are done, HydraSmart programs continue recovery.